The main pillars of OYAK Mining Metallurgy's corporate culture are respect for the environment, embracing and promoting environmental awareness, effective and efficient use of all resources, encouraging a multilateral communication to contribute to the awareness and development of stakeholders, continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performance and leaving a habitable world to future generations. We are committed to following the principles specified in our environmental policy in all of our processes.

Consequently, it is our primary objective to:

  • Reduce, collect and properly dispose of waste, and encourage recycling,
  • Use natural resources efficiently,
  • Employ clean production technologies in investments to achieve sustainable development,
  • Take necessary precautions to minimize the impact of industrial accidents on humans and the environment.

Informed Employees

We are aware that well-informed employees play a crucial role in improving our environmental performance. We organize training sessions on the classification and collection of waste, recycling of waste, and reducing water and energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency as a Philosophy

We are among the successful companies in specific electricity consumption, which is an important performance indicator in the iron and steel industry. We regard the philosophy of energy efficiency as an important investment area, thanks to the close follow up and support of management. Operating in the energy-intensive steel industry, our Group companies continuously improve their energy management and performance, considering its importance for the sustainability of production and the environment. At Ersem, we are committed to following the principles specified in our energy policy:

  • Implementing technological innovations that increase energy efficiency.
  • Minimizing energy losses through systematic measurement and monitoring.
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