The main pillars of our company’s corporate culture are respect for the environment, embracing and promoting environmental awareness, effective and efficient use of all resources, encouraging a multilateral communication to contribute to the awareness and development of stakeholders, continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performance and leaving a habitable world to future generations. Since its production process depends on the existence and continuity of natural resources to a great extent, Ersem aims to use the resources in the most efficient way without any loss and to maximize recovery. Our philosophy of protecting the environment while increasing our production and profitability is integrated into all of our processes. “Maintaining the quality of production with an awareness for efficiency, effectiveness, zero-accident mission, environmental sensitivity and savings” is our main principle.

Acting in accordance with a social consciousness and its corporate social responsibility principles, Erdemir Çelik Servis Merkezi makes continuous efforts to contribute to society. Aware of its responsibilities to people and the environment, Erdemir Çelik Servis Merkezi makes constant improvement and development efforts in the fields of environmental protection and occupational health and safety, from supply of raw materials to aftersales services. Diligent efforts are made to use energy and natural resources efficiently, to reduce pollution by minimizing emissions, solid and hazardous waste and noise, to minimize occupational accidents and professional diseases, and raise awareness of its personnel and the society about the environment and occupational health and safety.

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