We regard our employees as our greatest asset, ensure the permanence of improvement efforts, motivation and commitment, act as a participatory organization where mutual respect and trust prevail, and use every opportunity to promote our employees’ sense of confidence as the real architects of our Group's success.

As of 31 December 2015, Erdemir Çelik Servis Merkezi has a total of 302 employees, consisting of 215 blue-collared and 87 white-collared employees.

Our human resources policy is based on the following principles:

  • Becoming an exemplary company preferred by the best employees, and a company where everyone is proud to work,
  • Hiring and retaining qualified people,
  • Creating a healthy and safe working environment for employees,
  • Investing in employees’ personal and professional development, offering them a participatory environment that will turn their potential into business results,
  • Monitoring employee performance, planning their career in the most effective manner, keeping employees’ commitment, satisfaction and motivation at the highest level through competitive, performance-based remuneration policies,
  • Creating a corporate culture that is open to new ideas, creative and reliable, and
  • Offering employees social opportunities.

We regularly inform our employees about Labor Law No. 4857, Law No. 5510 on Social Security and General Health Insurance, Law No. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety, and Law No. 6356 on Trade Unions and Collective Work Agreements to which we are subject, and constantly keep up with changes in legislation and make the necessary adjustments.

Employees’ rights, responsibilities, and the rules, prohibitions and discipline law they should comply with are explained in detail in our personnel regulations and related internal procedures, which are issued in accordance with the Collective Work Agreement for blue-collared employees and the labor legislation for white-collared employees.

At Ersem, we do not resort to practices of discrimination, employment of child workers or forced labor, and expect our suppliers and business partners to adopt similar norms of employment. We have our human resources policies and processes managed by specialized units, encourage employees’ participation in management, and implement participation mechanisms that allow people to share innovative ideas that make a difference.

Our code of conduct is included in the Rules of Business Ethics, which is in accordance with our company’s policies, values and principles and should be followed by all employees and managers, including the Board of Directors. These rules guide us to ensure that our activities are in line with laws, policies and procedures as well as our corporate identity which inspires confidence and respect.

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