Management Systems Policy

Quality Systems Policy

Quality isn't incidental, but a result of our conscious efforts. Our quality approach is based on the goal of meeting our customers’ expectations at the highest level and achieving maximum customer satisfaction. For every service that we provide, we aim at continuous development to offer a better experience every time. We go beyond selling products and strive to provide our customers with the services they need before and after the sales, and all employees have an awareness and responsibility for quality.

Quality Policy:

Erdemir Çelik Servis Merkezi uses advanced technology to contribute to national economy. Based on customer orders, it dimensions the flat products manufactured at Erdemir or in other markets.

Accordingly, the company:

  • Utilizes the necessary information and technologies to secure a leading position among the Steel Service Centers in Turkey.
  • Challenges the quality management system to carry it to a level of excellence and resolutely sustains continuous improvement, with contribution from trained and experienced employees and based on the opinions and recommendations of all stakeholders.
  • Pays attention to savings, efficiency and costs in all operations, thereby increasing profitability.
  • Is customer-oriented in its activities.
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