At Erdemir Steel Service Center, we aim to improve our employees' professional knowledge and skills and continuously invest in our competent, participatory and innovative workforce. We are committed to offering professional and personal development opportunities at every stage. Accordingly, we organize training sessions for employees in a wide range of fields including professional/technical training, on-the-job training, occupational health and safety, personal development, leadership, teamwork, etc.

Internship Programs

At Erdemir Steel Service Center, we help young people with our internship programs, giving them the opportunity to gain professional knowledge and experience for their future careers. As part of our university-industry partnership initiatives, university students in their final year of study are provided with internship opportunities during the summer, so that they can better adapt to professional life.

Professional Competence Programs

In line with the Regulation on Vocational Training of Employees Assigned to Dangerous and Very Dangerous Works, vocational qualifications of blue-collared workers employed at various units of our Company have been identified. In line with the relevant protocols, these trainings are given in theory and practice at our Company, and trainees are given Vocational Certificates approved by the Ministry of National Education.

Healthcare and Social Services

Erdemir Steel Service Center considers offering a healthy and safe work environment to its employees as one of its major priorities. The workplace healthcare unit provides uninterrupted services such as preventive medicine, pre-employment examinations, periodic examinations, efforts to prevent occupational accidents and diseases, and therapy follow-up of employees on rest. Erdemir Steel Service Center goes beyond legal requirements to improve the social life standards of its employees, offering venues where they can come together. Employees are provided with shuttle service, food, cleaning, and logistics services.

Occupational Health and Safety First

The new Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 focuses on the concept of subcontractors; however, anyone offering any service to Erdemir Steel Service Center, whether as an employee or as a subcontractor, is given training against different risks to ensure awareness in relation to safety and security. In 2014, man-hours of occupational health and safety training was provided to our own employees, as well as to sub-employers' employees.

Congresses, Summits, Conferences and Seminars

In order to contribute to the professional development of employees and help them keep up with advances in technology, Erdemir Steel Service Center offers opportunities to learn about the products and technologies of various domestic and international companies. In this context, employees attend national and international events.

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